Equinox prides itself on the multi-disciplinary work we have conducted and will continue to engage in. Since the creation of Equinox, we have worked with film-makers, sound-designers, composers and animators. We invite any possibilities for collaboration in the future and look forward to announcing upcoming projects.

Our most recent collaboration was released on July 12. This was our first ever music video, a shared effort between Equinox and film makers Theo Panagopoulos and Weronika Frycz. The title of the music video is 'Equinox Epitaphs' and it can be found on our YouTube Page.


Equinox is comprised of Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser, Georgios Kypridemos and Taner Kemirtlek. The three of us have known and worked each other for over 6 years and took the decision to found Equinox in early 2019.


Equinox sprung as an amalgamation of all of our individual and shared interests and fascinations around music and the power it carries to change the world. It is a platform we have to experiment with music in an improvisational way, either through creating our own improvisation scores for performance, or by expanding our collection of instruments, called 'the Equinox Orchestra'. This includes synth, electronics, melodica, tuning forks, singing bowls and many more.

Our debut album 'Ascending', released on all streaming platforms on June 26, 2019, is an exploration of our identities in the context of the world around us.


22 August 2019 // 12 pm // Entrance: Free (suggested donation, 3 pounds)


Equinox will be performing at Greyfriars Kirk, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. This performance will feature material from their recently released album, 'Ascending', as well as new music.

August 2019 // date tbd


In collaboration with film maker Catherine Valve, Equinox will be releasing their second music video, set to Maya Leigh Rosenwasser's composition, 'Attack'. This will be released on the Equinox YouTube Page.


Empowerment through Visibility sits at the heart of our practice. 'Ascending' is, at heart, an exploration of identity in the contemporary world. In this journey we visit themes such as Pride, Mental Health, Spirituality and History. We believe that by making those aspects of ourselves visible, we empower ourselves to become the best version of us. We hope that other people will find the same kind of empowerment through our music. Be visible, be vulnerable, be kind, be strong.


In June, 2019, Equinox was featured in the UK-based blog 'Collective 31', who interviewed one of Equinox' members, Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser. Maya spoke extensively about the making of 'Ascending', characterising it as a 'memory capsule that we'll have forever and also... something that we really feel will contribute to the contemporary performance and new world'.

Full interview can be found at:


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